How to successfully choose a date for your wedding

February 2, 2016

What you need to know when choosing a date for your wedding

There is more to choosing a date for your wedding than it would first appear. Naturally, with the school holidays, warmer weather and sun kissed skin, May through to September are undoubtedly the most popular months for having a wedding. For many it is a no brainer to have their wedding during the summer months but there are some things you should consider. So if you are wondering how to choose a date for your wedding, read on my darling for here are a few thoughts on the matter!


AlethieaDePasquale_BeachShoot-123If you are dreaming of your guests sipping onPimms, sun beating down on their skin and games of croquet on the lawn AND want a UK summer wedding, know it might not happen! (I feel incredibly mean bursting your bubble like that). I must admit, I was massively surprised when I moved to England that summer is generally gloriously warm. Bar one summer spent in Scotland, up until I started my business I had spent every year sun-worshiping back home in Italy so was very surprised when I needed to install air conditioning in our apartment in the Midlands! None the less, British weather can be temperamental and so you must manage your expectations in advance! Certainly July/ August is your best bet when choosing a date for a sun filled UK wedding! (Though don’t hold me to that! :p)


If you are wanting nieces, nephews, godchildren, small cousins and friends to attend your wedding it may be worth remembering to schedule your wedding during school holidays times, especially if they will be flying in from abroad or if you are having a destination wedding! Whilst weekends are generally the most popular option for weddings anyway, this is important when inviting children so they don’t miss out on their education too (no matter how happy they may be to get a day off school)!

Cost and Time

If you are working to a budget or are planning on having a short wedding perhaps 2-3 hours, there are elements to consider in terms of cost and time. Often venues and accommodation have discounted prices out of season (the winter months) and other vendors such as photographers, videographers etc are more likely to be able to offer shorter coverage during the winter season. Please be aware that they are often unable to do provide short coverage on summer weekends as this is their busiest time as most likely they will be saving these days for full day wedding bookings. If your heart is set on a short summer wedding, weekdays may provide less of a headache in finding suppliers!

Destination Wedding

If you are having a destination wedding you will want to consider whether the summer months are the best plan for you. Many countries experience bad weather during our summer months so make sure you research the climate before choosing a date because monsoons, turbulent seas and gail force winds will surely make for miserable guests and a bad hair day!


This is something that can easily be forgotten but the date you choose for your wedding will be the date you choose to celebrate for the rest of your life! I picked July, given that my birthday falls in June and the fiancé’s falls in May, it’s the perfect excuse to keep the celebrations rolling!


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